Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making Pizzas! (and even a dairy free cheese pizza for Lucy)

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is pizza - I like cheapo pizza pizza, fancy topping thin crust pizza, NY style, Chicago style, you name it.  I mean really what is not to like about gooey cheese, bread & getting to pick toppings.  One of my favorite alternate pizza recipes is from my favorite food blog http://www.ourfamilyeats.com/.  My girls call it pizza bowls but the real name Pizza Pot Pies, they this dish is so perfect for a family dinner because it is actually possible for the kids to make their own - I just put dishes of all the "toppings" out then let them scoop the sauce in and pile in some toppings before I put the crust on top.  A while back, I had this excellent plan to make these one night and Ric got me all the ingredients I needed including some Publix bakery pizza dough - the best.  So here I am with my awesome plan and I think I'll surprise the girls one night on the way home after school.  As soon as I picked up Cate I had a smiling hiding just waiting for the cheer from the back seat.  I picked up Lucy and couldn't wait more than a couple minutes before I said "guess what girls we are having pizza bowls tonight"!!! After a moment of silence I heard - "no" and "I want real pizza".  I was crushed, they loved making them the last couple times and it had been so long I thought they'd be excited but that is what I get for anticipating my girls moods.  I thought maybe they'd get into it once they saw all the stuff but they never did.  They insisted on regular pizza's so much that I gave up the fight and just took the crust and made it into 4 individual pizzas.  We still have fun making them but I am craving my Pizza Pot Pies so I will be having that unannounced for dinner soon!

Here are some pictures from our fun:
all our ingredients

Lucy spreads on some pizza sauce - this one has no cheese ingredients, I didn't check the dough but Lucy can handle baked products with small quantities of milk or eggs

love the motor skills practice for Cate!

piling on their toppings - both girls like pepperoni but LOVE olives and mushrooms

making them share the olives!

Lucy adds the "lucy cheese"

Daiya dairy free mozzarella is the best we've tried - it actually melts and doesn't smell awful!  Lucy likes it.

Cate eating, I mean adding her cheese


and fun!

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  1. Looks like they enjoyed making their own pizzas!

    I just noticed your Buddy Walk badge; for our first couple of BW's I named Kayla's team Kayla's Crusaders :)