Friday, June 14, 2013

the dentist

My goal of getting at least one post a week up through the chaos that is summer vacation + a complete kitchen renovations (no kitchen for 6 weeks-ugh!) is much harder than I anticipated but I'll keep trying! 

Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures for this post but we had another good dentist appointment for Cate right before school ended.  So for all of you out there with kids who have Ds and HATE the dentist - it is possible for that to change.  One year ago I posted in Look Mom No Cavities about Cate's challenges with the dentist that resulted in her being sedated just to have a cleaning.   Well one year later, we have graduated again!  This visit was still a "special" dentist appointment (meaning she is scheduled with the dentist for the entire visit and they are prepared to do restraints or sedation if necessary) but the dentist was pulled away and Cate managed a whole cleaning with just the hygienist!  So at our next visit in 6 months, we are in a regular old slot with the hygienist and a normal fly-by from the dentist!!!  How exciting - I wouldn't have believed we'd ever get there two years ago.  Cate also let them do a panoramic x-ray which concluded what was already suspected - Cate is missing 3 adult teeth.  I know that sounds awful but in reality its not that bad.  Two of them are molars and with the crowding she already has, chances are we would have had to pull some teeth in that area anyways.  The other is a front side tooth so it will require some work to make her smile look better but since we are looking at orthodontics anyway, again it is not that big of a deal in the scheme of things.  The fact that she let them take the x-ray and stood still as requested by herself is HUGE plus she had no cavities!!!!  She is really growing up! 


  1. Oh you don't know how happy I am to hear this about the dentist! My boy HATES the dentist and I think next time we have to do the restraints because I cannot hold him down any longer. Hopefully he will grow out of this phase and into one like your Miss Cate!

  2. It is very rewarding as a professional to find these items which let you see how important we are to the people, the history of cate is a great example of courage.

  3. Yay on a great dentist visit! We have come a long way w/Kayla too. She is still very hesitant to be completely flat on the chair, but they are so patient with her.