Monday, March 18, 2013

A life changed

I have known it in my heart for so long but today it is a fact - Cate was the trigger that changed a life.  I wrote more about it a while back in this post.  The basics are that Cate's beloved pre-K teacher Ms Beth was introduced to Reeces's Rainbow when she attended the Buddy Walk as part of Cate's Crusaders.  That introduction got her thinking about adopting a child with special needs and last year she began the journey to find her forever son. 

Ms Beth was instrumental in Cate's successful start at school both with her teaching and her help in advocating with me.  I visited Ms. Beth the day before she left on her trip to deliver a few books to add to his new room.  I was lucky enough to see the pictures she'd been sent of a happy, adorable 6 year old boy just waiting across the ocean for "his turn".

Today it became official as she welcomed "Bobby Guanxiong" into her family. I am overcome with happiness for this family and proud of tiny part Cate played in it.  We are praying that Beth, Taylor and Bobby have a great week getting to know each other and that they have safe trip back home this weekend.  If you'd like to learn more about the journey visit her blog at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.


  1. This is awesome! We found our daughter through RR, and I cannot imagine her amazing little spirit still being locked away in Russia. Congratulations to Ms. Beth and her family!

  2. Cate played a very big part in this, not small :) As I sit her watching my son sleep and marvel at how amazing he is, I am so thankful for the Tyran family. Had I not been privileged to be Cate's teacher, I would have never have gone to that Buddy Walk in support of such an amazing little girl. If I had not gone to the Buddy Walk, I would have never picked up that RR pamphlet and would never have been sitting here in China. I would have never met Bobby and that would have been a tragedy. So my heartfelt thanks for trusting and allowing me to be Cate's teacher. Our lives are forever entwined.