Friday, March 15, 2013

Week in Review

We've had a crazy week - make that I've had a crazy week.  It started off with a birthday party filled weekend for Lucy - two back to back.  She was so excited because the first one was a Cinderella party where she got dress up and to meet the "real" Cinderella!

After that we headed to a very cool bouncy house party that involved some "cosmic" bouncing where the kids got to go into a room with glow in the dark necklaces and bounce in the near dark!  We capped that exciting day off with dinner at my best friends house and a dessert of roasted marshmallows and smores! 
Then we moved on to Sunday which involved another cheerleading competition for Cate.  She did great again and this time was up high in the formations twice!  To top all that off my brother was in town and able to surprise her at the competition - she stayed in game face mode for the performance but afterward had to be picked up and taken off stage because she tried to run and jump off to Lane!  The team placed and they were so excited to get their medals!

So after a long day of cheering & spectating we got home and noticed that Lucy was a little out of sorts.  About 8:00 I took her temp to find it was 100.5 and realized she was getting sick the day before her birthday so the birthday snack I had already made for her to take to school might to have to be saved.   Sure enough she woke up on her birthday Monday with a fever of 101.0.  So instead of being the celebrated birthday girl at school she got to go to work with mommy.  At least she still got to wear her shirt and got a birthday donut for Chris at my office.

Then as an extra special birthday treat we got to make a trip to urgent care as her fever and cough got worse and I started to suspect strep.
After a two hour visit, including a strep test and chest xrays - the diagnosis was a virus.  So we left with no relief and advice to keep up the liquids and get lots of rest.  She took a nap and rallied to have a little home b-day party to celebrate turning 4 with her favorite meal of gnocchi and a dairy free, egg free banana cake.

She had fun and got some great clothes from her great aunts & cousin Kim, a adorable baby doll from Uncle Lane & Aunt Brandie, a coloring book from Cate (which she picked out and bought with her own money) and fun stuff like a Cinderella carriage and figures from mommy & daddy.

Lucy's fever got up to 103 and stuck around until Thursday morning when it finally broke.  Other than the fever and a night time cough she didn't actually feel too bad when the Motrin was on board.  So lucky Lucy spent all week at my office & even got to have Cate come visit at 1:15 every day because it was early release for conference week at school.  So mommy is about to go crazy from all the time together this week while trying to get work done at the same time.  But today there is a new batch of Cocco Krispie birthday treats at school with Lucy so I HOPE we are back to just a normal crazy this weekend with multiple b-day parties (including Lucy's), cheer practice and soccer instead of the insane crazy of the past week!

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  1. Cate is the cutest cheerleader EVER!! So excited that she does so well with that. Inspired that one day maybe Samantha will take up a team activity... Sorry Lucy was sick on her birthday, but gosh, such adorable pics!! Glad everyone's well now. :-)