Friday, October 18, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013

It is our 7th year doing the Buddy Walk - it is unbelievable to say that but it is true and we have the t-shirts to prove it!   This year was a little different that previous years, it didn't have the hype we've added in previous years.  A lot of that is due to me - I just let it sneak up on me.  The result was a very little team and not much money raised (under $500 :-().  I'm disappointed in myself but I guess it is to be expected that some years you just can't commit as much as others because life just gets in the way.  The girls also had a different take on it this year - we went from both of them asking "when is the buddy walk" to saying "I don't want to go".  Cate had to miss a girl scout outing and Lucy her school's fall festival - neither one was happy about it right up until the day of, when they started to accept I wasn't giving them a choice.  As usual once we arrived they changed attitudes and got into the spirit of the event.  There is just a huge feeling a joy at this event every year - you can't help but smile.  The weather was absolutely perfect, we ate the great food, the girls danced to the music and played on the bouncy houses.  I forgot to take my camera even though my best shots of Cate (including the blog header) have been from past walks.  But at least I have cell phone shots to show just how much we enjoyed this years buddy walk - and next year I'm going to be way more on the ball!
Had to hit the playground first of course - isn't this the coolest slide!

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  1. The Buddy Walk completely snuck up on me this year, too. I created my team the week before the Walk, and raised a fraction of what I'd raised in years past. I had even contemplated not going, but I am definitely glad I did. :-) Glad your girls had a good time, too!