Friday, June 8, 2012

the Beach!

We took a four day weekend at Tybee Beach last weekend for Ric's oldest brother Ron's wedding.  Ric's sister Debbie got a beautiful house just off the beach with plenty of room for all 17 of us.  My girls never wanted to leave.  They LOVED all the attention from their 7 cousins ranging in age from college freshman to 6 like Cate.  Ric said at one point he missed his girls because from the minute they got up to the time they dropped into bed exhausted they were asking "where is ..." but this time it wasn't mommy or daddy they were looking for it was a cousin.  Cate was a complete fish - she had to be physically pulled out of the ocean every day.  Debbie let her borrow a mask and for the next two hours she barely came up for breaths even though you couldn't see the sand on the bottom through the cloudy water.  I can't wait to get this girl where we can do some real snorkeling - maybe I've even found my future dive buddy.  Lucy wasn't so sure about the ocean.  She was OK if you got her past the wave breaks but she favored playing in the sand.
New sunglasses - very cool Lucy

Lucy off for more building supplies

Cate making "soup" for Daddy

Cate pretending to surf

Mommy I can hear the ocean in this shell

making a different kind of soup - don't know why this was a soup themed weekend

Logan & Colton were amused
The wedding was beautiful and the girls had so much fun dancing.  It was awesome to be with our family for this happy occasion.
Lucy was hiding because she was a bug magnet for some reason

Cate's cousins - Kim, Jenni, April > I felt like should pay them after all the time the entertained Cate!

Cate waiting for the bride & using her fan like a proper southern lady 

Laurie and Ron

Grandpa out on the dance floor with the girls - Cate was the first one out there when the music started

Our family!

Lucy getting her Daddy dance

Cate getting her Daddy dances

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  1. Miss y'all. It looks like everyone had a great time. Congrats to Ron & Laurie!!!!