Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drawing Maps

Can you guess what this drawing is?

It is a map of the world - can you see it now?  Cate drew this free hand by herself in the car - no picture of the globe in front of her.  I think its pretty darn good myself - maybe I'm biased.

Cate went to Vacation Bible School at our church for the first time this week.  The theme was "Up and Away" so they pretended to be "crews" on an airplane adventure.  It is an excellent situation for her, there are 6 kids in her group (including one of her kindergarten classmates) with a college age group leader and a teen age helper.  They move through 5 stations of activites, play games, sing songs, have snack and make friends.  We are not huge church goers, Cate's complete exposure has been a handful of Sunday School classes.  So I'm glad she is loving VBS and happy she is learning about the world.  The program is raising funds for mosquito nets for kids in Africa and they have been teaching the kids why.  Cate can tell you all about the problem now and was very excited to take her checks from mommy & grandma today.

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