Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday.  I had such a great day I forgot to take pictures.  Sorry!! Not a single shot, even on my phone - doesn't make for a very good blog post.
Yesterday we did our typical celebrations for July 4th or "Happy Birthday America" day as Cate refers to it.  It is a day that I love out town the most - we are 30 minutes for the heart of a big city with parks, attractions, museums, theaters, cool restaurants and it takes a forever to drive across our county because of all the traffic but sometimes it just feels like such a small town.  July 4th is one of the those days.  There is a parade that consists of 25% beauty queens, 25% emergency vehicles, 40% politicians and a float or two.  But the people watching are awesome - little girls dressed in matching outfits and bows, blankets and chairs on the side of the road and you always see people you know.  Cate is in her favorite medium waiting for the parade to get to us - in front of a captive audience as she gets to stand in the street to lecture, sing, and dance.  (and she looked darn cute in her dress & bow - wish I could prove it)
After the parade we rushed home to finish the party prep.  The July 4th party is our annual tradition and we love it.  We had a crowd, awesome food, perfect swimming weather and lots of good friends. 
We didn't make it to the fireworks because Lucy did a no-nap crash out about 6:30 and Cate followed by falling asleep during her nightly Curious George episode at about 7:45.  I did get to see the tops of the fireworks above the trees so that will have to do until next year!

It was simply said - perfect. 
Hope your day was great too! 

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