Friday, July 27, 2012

Quotes of the summer

Driving down the road after seeing a person advertising for a yogurt store:
Lucy: "Mommy I want to be an ice cream cone when I grow up. A chocolate ice cream cone."
mmm OK??

Driving home from swimming:
Me:  "I just talked to daddy and we are going to Wendy's for dinner"
Cate:  "Yeah, are we picking him up?"
Me:  "No he is meeting us there"
Lucy:  "Is he driving in our car or his?"
Me:  "His, he is meeting us there"
Lucy:  "OK, I'm going to relax until we get there"
Me:  "Good idea Lucy"
Lucy:  "I'm going take a chill out break"  (guess I've been saying "chill out" a little too much lately-the 80s girl in me coming out)

Driving home from camp:
Cate & Lucy - mommy mommy mommy mommy - for sorts of reasons
Me: Turn on the book on CD and both kids are silent for 5 minutes
Lucy:  "Mommy?"
Me:  "WHAT"  (ok maybe a little too much frustration sneaks out)
Lucy:  "But I only said Mommy once"

Walking back to our car after the July 4th parade:
Cate:  "I want to watch TV until Uncle Lane gets here"
Lucy:  "Cate first of all, we have to get to the car"  (good point Lucy - but "first of all" from a 3 yr old?)

Getting ready to take a shower after spending the afternoon in the pool:
Lucy:  "Mom I'm hydrated"
Me:  "What honey??"
Lucy:  "I'm very hydrated and thats good"
Me:  "You are hydrated???"  (still having trouble believing my 3 year old is using that word)
Lucy:  "Yes - It was very sunny today but I spent all day in the water so I'm very hydrated"
After the fact Ric told me they had a converstation the day before on why it was important to drink water on a hot day.

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  1. I love what kids absorb and spit out in the funniest, most unexpected moments. LOL Sometimes I'll have to ask my husband where Sammi picked up a particular phrase or word.