Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid's Book Review - "Ahoy Titanic"

Here is my first book review but I have to start out with a confession - I LOVE the book but I also know the author so my opinion is not totally unbiased. 

I know what you are thinking to start with - a children's book about the titanic - depressing.  But this book is not about the sinking of the Titanic, it is about the amazing ship itself.  The story follows two kids, Willa and Sam, who are exploring the Titanic after boarding for its maiden journey in 1912.  There are descriptions of all the amazing parts of the ship from the radio room to the squash courts.  Each page has beautiful illustrations and I love the fictional dialogue the kids have with actual people who were on the ship.  There are also "Did You Know" boxes on each page with really interesting facts about the Titanic that I never knew.   We read to the girls every night and have since the day they came home from the hospital.  So many of the books they pick are books Ric and I feel like we "have" to read.  Sometimes we get a new one that makes it fun to read again and I love those moments for all of us.  Ahoy Titanic is one of those moments because the writing is great and the subject content is so intriguing to people of all ages that you can't help but like reading it.

I admit I bought the book to support Cassie and knowing her background in education I had no doubt it would be a great book but I was still amazed at what a fun book it is to read.  Last night I read it to Lucy and she was so interested in the diagrams of the huge boat, I had to promise to leave it in her room so she could look at it in the morning again.  She was even totally quiet for most of the reading which for anyone who knows Lucy is pretty amazing!  I have a feeling she will be asking for me to read the book with the "big boat" on it again tonight.
(you probably can't click this link but you can purchase the book by typing it in, searching for it on or finding them on facebook to get the link.)

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