Monday, June 4, 2012

Quotes of the last couple months

In the car after school/babysitter pickups:
Cate - "my plan is we go home watch Tinkerbell Lost Treasure, eat dinner, play, take a bath, then watch monkey and go to bed"  (Cate's "plans" are a common theme in the car - not all are so realistic, "monkey" = an episode of Curious George which has been in the bed time routine since way before Lucy was born)
Lucy - "Cate you are a genuis" (genius???)
Cate - "not I'm not"
Mommy - "its ok Cate, genius is a good thing, it means a really smart person"
Lucy "ohhhhhh Cate you ARE a genius"  (couldn't you just melt?)
Cate "Ok - yep I am"
Lucy "so am I"  (and sometimes I have to agree they both are!)

In the car after school;
Lucy "mommy did you know I have Jesus in my heart?"
Mommy "yes baby that is great"
Lucy "i can really feel him, he is right here in the middle" (awwwww)

At carpool:
Ms. L (parapro) "see you tomorrow Cate"
Cate "I AM coming back tomorrow" with a big smile!!!  It just figures there are 17 days of school left and she changes from "I'm not coming back" to "I am coming back" - that kid.

On Vacation:
Cate spent our vacation playing with her cousins every available minute.  At one point when we had dragged her away so they could have some time -
Daddy:  "But Cate I missed you, I haven't seen much of you"
Cate:  "Daddy it has been a very busy day"

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