Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mommy Time

Wow - just writing the title I had conflicting emotions of guilt and pleasure!  The things we moms do to ourselves.  I'm smart enough to know that I need a break from the kids I love more than life itself but not smart enough to do it guilt free.   This past weekend my best friend and I took an overnight trip to a fabulous Inn & Spa.  We ate lunch (with a glass of wine), sat in the sun, had facials, used the steam room, had high tea, read and ate dinner (with a bottle of wine) while it was hot without having to cut anything up into tiny pieces or make any trips to the restroom during dinner.   I had the best time just talking & living responsibility free for 24 hours.  It was heaven.  But even this small piece heaven comes with a price, guilt.  I feel bad that my girls weren't perfect angels for my husband, I feel bad I missed a cookout at another friends house, I feel bad I didn't get laundry done.  I logically know its crazy, it is not just OK but very good for me to get away for a short time.  I just wish my mommy guilt gene would learn the lesson.  The girls were not upset at all by my absence and had a fabulous time on their "Daddy Weekend".  Ric has recovered from the ordeal and might even let me do it again soon next year.    And my guilt for only blogging once this week - well it will just have to ride out a few more days because we are headed to the beach for my brother-in-laws wedding and since I can't upload pictures to the blog from my iPad, it is going to be Monday before you see another post from me.  I will try to forgive myself if you promise to forgive me under the compromise that I post a bunch of beach pictures of the two most adorable kids on the planet early next week, DEAL?

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