Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just like riding a bike

Well exactly like riding a bike!  Grandma & Grandpa found a great new to us bike for Cate at a garage sale so we finally got up the nerve to give it a try.  Our neighborhood is not a good place to learn to ride a bike - very hilly and quite a few cars.  We had been meaning to take the girls and the bikes to the park to learn but just haven't gotten it down.  So finally we pushed the bikes down to the only tiny cul-de-sac  in our neighborhood and gave it a try.  The girls did exactly the opposite as we'd expected.  Lucy tried pedaling a couple times and gave up completely!  She was not a fan - and I'm not sure if it was the pedalling action itself or her first time really having to practice something instead of just knowing what to do.  Cate LOVED it.  She practiced and practiced until she was doing it herself (with the training wheels).  She even rode home making Ric's trip easier - mine not so much since I still had to push the tiny bike up a hill while keeping Lucy from wandering into the road.  Next time we are packing up for the park.

So a successful first bike experience for Cate!  I should have never doubted she'd take to it so easily.
Lucy likes the new accessories!

Cate's new bike!  Thanks grandma & grandpa

At the start of the lesson for Lucy - still happy here!

pedaling is hard to teach then it looks

gotta love the concentration & determination here as she figures out her feet

check me out!!!

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  1. It is HARD to teach someone to pedal! We're getting Katie a birthday bike!