Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Big Weekend - part 1

Talk about a crazy weekend, I'm amazed we all survived!  This weekend involved a park opening celebration where Cate's class was singing, dance recital, swim meet, and mother's day.
It all started pm Friday night with a very tight schedule - 3:30 dress rehearsal for dance and 5:30 kindergarten performance at a new park opening.    Since Cate doesn't get out of school until 3:15, I had to go inside and check her out then drive the 35 minutes to the rehearsal, hurry to get her into costume and the makeup she was telling me she would not wear.  We got to the theater only a little late and Cate was semi-cooperative and even allowed blush, eye shadow and lip gloss which was more on her face that her lips!  I'm at a disavantage being a stage mom because I barely take the time to wear makeup myself.  She was ready about 1 minute before her class lined up to go on stage.  I was able to take a video of the performance since we weren't allowed to film during the read performance but I haven't be able to upload it yet so look for it in part 3 of our weekend post!  Cate's class was adorable!  They did great at rehearsal then all except Cate left the stage afterward.  Cate on the other hand had to be escorted off by an extra teacher and her buddy in between twirls and bows!

waiting with her dance class

So after she was dismissed we ran back to the dressing room to change back into her clothes and did our best to wipe off the makeup.  We jump in the car and rush back 35 minutes towards our house - it was 4:45 when we left so it was cutting it close but still possible.  Until of course I hit every one of the hundred stop light in between us and the park.  We got there about 5 minutes after Cate's kindergarten performed their song.  Cate was not phased, I wanted to cry!  But since everyone at the opening was happy & excited I got into the mood soon enough, especially after Cate's said "I want to go find my friends"  and my heart melted (her not having friends is my biggest fear)!  So we met Ric & Lucy there and had a great time as the city provided hot dogs and hamburgers and the kids played on the new playground.

So Friday was a fun kick off for our crazy weekend even if we missed one goal - more on the fun Saturday later.

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