Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quotes of the Month

OK so this one isn't a quote but check out this hanger creation I found in Cate's closet:

Sorry I don't have more Cate quotes - she has been too interested in practicing her new "kindergarten rap" that chatting with me!

Before Easter Weekend talking in the car after pickup from school:
Mommy - "So what do you think the Easter Bunny will bring you?"
Cate - "Bricks"  followed by silence, mmmm no ideas where that came from but I'm pretty sure she was telling me she didn't want any small talk

Lucy at home while petting the cat:
Lucy - "Mommy, do cats have bones?"
Mommy - "Yes Lucy that is the bumpy stuff you feel across her back, her spine is made of bones"
Lucy - "Do potatoes have bones too?" 
Mommy - "Uh, No"  - not sure how we jumped from cats to potatoes but you gotta love curiosity

Lucy out of the blue on the way to a doctor's appointment:
Lucy - "Mommy is today trash day or recycling day?"
Mommy - "No idea baby that is daddy's job" 
Lucy - "No its everyone's job to recycle"  where does she get this stuff?? and what triggers it to come out???

Lucy as I get her out of the car after our bike accessory shopping:
"Mommy I want to try my helmet & knee pads on - I'm going to look stylish"

My brother & sister-in-law stopped by for dinner on the way through town - during a game of "come get me" with Aunt Brandie:
Lucy - "Get in my bed Aunt Brandie"
Aunt Brandie - "I'm too big for a little girl bed"
Lucy - "You totally fit in there", when did my 3 year old start talking like a teenager - " stylish", "totally"?

Here are some shots of Lucy from her 2 year old school program - "Noah's Ark"
"check out this booboo"

playing with this cool shirt is fun too

actually singing this one!

my cutie!

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  1. Here's one for you: Lucy sitting on my lap looking up at me, "Aunt Brandie you have hairs in your nose." Me: "Yep, I sure do & one day you'll have hairs in your nose too." Lu: "Ewwwwwwww"

    Love those little ladies!!!!