Wednesday, December 12, 2012

how many of "those" days can I have this month?

*** WARNING WARNING - this is a pure rant with no valuable content!!!****

So yesterday was another one of "those" days - you know the roller coaster days where everything that can go wrong does and the only reason you stay sane is a sweet moment from one of your children?  Here are two examples of my day yesterday that should explain things more, although in reality there were at least three situations just as bad as this one:

#1  The flu shot - Our doctor's office decided to do flu shots differently this year, instead of an appointment or a walk in clinic they went to a call ahead clinic from 5 - 6 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays only.  When I heard this back in October I thought it would be rough but I'd figure out some time to take them - fast forward to the second week of December when 3 kids in Cate's class have already been out a week with the flu and when I find the first opportunity arises and when I call to get in yesterday they tell me they are almost out of shots so they stopped the clinic a couple weeks ago.  AHHH  plan destroyed.  So after calling around I found that The Little Clinic in Kroger stores does do kids shots but of course they won't do Lucy because of her egg allergy unless we have a letter from her allergist allowing it.  So I called the allergist and waited all day for a call back on my cell.  Of course it never came because they called the house - AHHHH.  I decide to forget Lucy - lets get me and Cate taken care of right away and head to school to help with a girl scout carolling activity.

After a girl scout meeting in which Cate had no interest in participating and was acting like she didn't feel good, I thought "Oh well it doesn't matter anyway because Cate is sick".  Not 3 minutes after leaving the other girl scouts caroling, that sick girl was perfectly fine, singing and drawing in the back seat.  So I called my mom back (she had Lucy) and told her we are going to head to Kroger for the flu shot.  Cate of course heard me say it and started whining that she didn't want the flu.  So I spent the whole 15 minute drive to our closest clinic explaining over and over how this vaccine thing works.  When Cate doesn't understand something she continues to ask the same question or make the same statement over and over and over.  By the time we got there I was about to pull out my hair from explaining and starting to think that the whole experience was going to be horrible.  We walk in and amazingly there is no line.  I filled out my paperwork, took Cate potty just in case (see I did learn a lesson from the blood draw the resulted in both of us needing a change of clothes) and then were whisked into the room.  So all of that is obviously the stressful down part of the roller coaster and I'm imagining it is only going to get worse, right?  But what really happens us that roller coaster heads right back up to surprise me - Cate walked into that office told the PA that she needed a little flu shot because she did not want to get the flu and hopped up on the table.  She did make me go first and she watched the whole time so I was very careful not to flinch but again big surprise the PA was excellent, it barely stung.  She was pushing up her sleeve but when he told her that her leg was a better place, she took off her boot, pulled up the legging and said she was ready.  So he gives her the shots and not only doesn't she cry - she giggles.  REALLY?? All that worrying and stress for nothing - Cate & I are 80% protected against the flu and she did awesome with the shot - like I said one of "those" roller coaster days.

#2 The Soup - a much shorter example.  My mom fed us some excellent turkey vegetable soup and peach pie after my fun flu shot experience.  It was awesome and the kids were mostly cooperative plus made it though the whole meal without spilling anything.  So as we head out my mom makes me a large to-go container of soup for lunches and one of pie for Ric.  I put the container on my console so it wouldn't slide and head home.  About half way home I start smelling the soup pretty strongly.  I put my hand down to check it and find the lid had slide off and the pie container is sitting down in it.  As I'm driving though a park with no where to stop, I try on handed to get the lid back on but of course I hit a bump and the soup totally sloshes over the side on to my hand and fills the cup holders and the indentation it is sitting on.  AHHHH -  I finally get the lid back on and my hand cleaned up with only a minor burning sensation lingering.  Now I feel ready to scream because of course this whole time Lucy has been screaming because I forgot to take her coat off before I snapped her in and Cate is crying because she dropped her stuffed dog.  Right at the moment I feel sure I'll lose it,  I hear Lucy stop crying and say to Cate - "It is OK Cate, I'll hold your hand".  So they hold hands and Lucy starts singing "I love my sister and she loves me, she is so beautiful ....".    So in a split second the roller coaster changed and now instead of AHHH, I'm going AWWWW and smiling. 

So I survived my day even if I was in bed by 9:30.  I know everyone has "those" days so thanks for letting me whine!  No more excuses - tomorrow I will get that camera downloaded so you can see the rest of the cheer pics!  I'm sure no one, except maybe my sister in law, cares but here are the finished pictures of the living room project I was whining about last week -
My dad did the hardwood floor, we borrowed the rug from my parents, all the furniture is new

new floor and new light in the entry

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