Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Visit

Last weekend we made our traditional visit to see Santa in our town square.  Both girls were eager to make the letters to Santa and they did a good job -
Lucy asked for a LeapPad, Jake Pirate ship and games - she pretty much wrote her name by herself I just helped her position

Cate asked for a camera & a Brave game for her LeapPad.  Her writing is really improving I think - especial the sizing and spacing.
I tell you this is the real Santa we see - he is a very sweet man and it is awesome because they let you take your own pictures even if you don't buy theirs.   We have these little ornaments that they make from a picture they take every year and the pictures are pretty hilarious - especially when Cate was 2 and started to wail right as they took the pic.  I love them for the imperfection and how they really show the kids at each age.  Of course that means the lines are awful.  Some years we have waited over 90 minutes in the freezing cold so I couldn't pass up doing it on a beautiful 65 degree day last weekend, even if it meant going without a backup adult.  I did wait over an hour but at least the girls could run around and play without being miserable.  They actually had a lot of fun and I only lost Cate one time for a couple minutes (thankfully the ladies in line were willing to let me go find where she was hiding from Lucy). 
Lucy is still not sure about this whole Santa business, up until the day we went she said she was not going to see him.  That morning I showed her the ornaments from each year and let her take the one from last year where she held Cate's hand and stood next to them.  She decided maybe she could hold Cate's hand again this year.  She did pretty good - she watched as Cate discussed both wish letters with him then stood there even when he put his hand on her shoulder - of course she never let go of the death grip on her bunny.

We got one smile from Lucy when I told her to tell Santa "Happy Easter"


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  1. Oh, what a fantastic Santa!! Definitely worth the wait in line, I'm sure. We have a great Santa in our mall, too. I just love this time of year!! Cate's handwriting is great! Samantha's been working hard on hers, too. It's definitely not easy for our kids, but they've proven that they can do it. :-)