Monday, December 10, 2012

super quick post

Sorry I know I promised good pics today but things have fallen apart a little today and  I'll have to explain more tomorrow because I came into work at 6 am in case I have to leave in a couple hours.  Cate is sick.  She ran around all day yesterday and was feeling just fine, not even a runny nose.  5:00 am she wakes up with a fever and her nose is so stuffed she can't breath at all.  I'm going to run home to let Ric head to work soon if she is still sleeping otherwise she'll be dropped at my office and I'll have to figure out if she can stay here with me or if we'll be heading home.  Here is a little teaser of the adorable cheerleading uniform:
I took a million pic yesterday so I'm sure I have some better than this but I haven't had time to download the camera so I'll have to keep you in suspense.

Praying this is just a little bug for Cate and she'll be feeling better tomorrow - the way this came on so quick has me a little flu-paranoid but hoping that is not the case.

** update - When Cate finally woke up at 8:45 which was very late for her, she immediately told me she felt better.  I gave her an hour to rest just to make sure the fever didn't come back since the ibuprofen I gave her at 5 am would still be work and she did lay on the couch the whole time which isn't like her in the morning.  After that little rest we got ready and came to the office where she proceed to play like any other day until grandma came to rescue her.  So fingers crossed she is fine and able to go back to school tomorrow after that little blip -  but at least it isn't flu.  Guess we'll actually make good on that plan I've had for 2 months to get the girls flu shots.

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