Saturday, October 11, 2014

"31 for 21" Cate's Horse Adventure (Part 2) - The Special Olympics!!!

The second major change that I mentioned in the "Cate's riding buddy" post was that our lessons became practice for the Special Olympics.  Actually as this post publishes we are at the Special Olympics State Horse Show!  For the last couple months Cate has been getting ready for this event and the whole family is so excited for our first adventure into the world of the Special Olympics.  She will be competing in four events (please excuse any error in my descriptions, I am totally new to this horse competition stuff!) -

Dressage - an English riding event where the rider and horse execute a pattern from memory.  Cate's dressage pattern is a beginners "walk-trot test" which includes weaving between cones, stopping and starting her horse including a "salute", and a short trot.  She will be in complete control of her horse but there will be a buddy walking next to her for this event that can give her help if needed.  This will be the hardest one because it has a lot of moves and is by far the longest route.

Showmanship - I think this event is a modification of an event that would normally be a judging of the horse.  Cate's showmanship will require her to hold onto the horse and walk next to it with her buddy in a U shape around 3 cones, hold the horse still while the judge walks around it, then make the horse walk backwards four steps. I believe her buddy walks with her but not sure if they are holding a lead rope.

English Equitation - I'm the least sure of this event but as I understand it Equitation is actually an overriding category that would include Dressage.  It is an event where the control and style of the rider are judged.  Cate's English Equitation test includes her riding the horse at a walk in straight line and circling barrels, trotting in an L patter and halting.

Trail - The description is "partial assisted walk, assisted jog or sitting trot".  Cate will trot for three sides of a square and then around a barrel with her buddy holding a lead rope.  Then she will halt at a cone and walk over some poles, over a bridge and stop in a marked area.  Her buddy is holding a lead rope for the trotting part but unclips and walks next to her for walking portion.

We had our dress rehearsal on Saturday and Cate did really well.  I think she is ready.  I hope that once she is in front of a crowd, she'll really show her competitive side and wow her coach and buddy.  We shall see!
She looked ASOLUTELY adorable in her English riding outfit.  Here are the pictures from practice - Cross your finger we are having good rides at Special Olympics!!!!

Major - Cate's horse for Special Olympics

That's my girl!
Cate - age 8, Oct 2014

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  1. She looks great in her outfit and up there on her horse! Good luck to Cate! Thanks for participating in 31 for 21! Your blog is highlighted on my FB page today: