Thursday, October 9, 2014

"31 for 21" - A look back at Cate's 8th Birthday Party

No surprise after the lessons started Cate's horse love grew and she insisted on a horse riding birthday party.  So in Dec 2013, Cate's 8th birthday party was held at our barn.  It was perfect because Cate was really comfortable there and she was able to show off a little in front of her school friends and play group friends - which isn't a normal occurrence for her.  We had a great turnout and even though it was a little cold all the girls had a great time. It was fun to look back at these pictures and see how much Cate has grown up just in the last 10 months!
Birthday Queen on her horse

Proud Little Sis

Girls having fun!

First Time Lucy pet a horse

the Cupcakes

Cowboy cookies from Grandma

Even the horse got treats

a beautiful day and a beautiful place for a party
My big 8 year old.

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