Friday, October 10, 2014

"31 for 21" - Cate's Riding Buddy

So Cate has officially been taking Therapeutic Riding lessons with the same instructor for a year.  She has continued to love 90% of the time.  She still loves grooming the horses and taking care of them.  She will even happily clean out a stall if we'll let her. The format of the lessons made two major changes over winter and spring - both are very cool changes! 

The first and most surprising is Lucy.  Remember when I said at the party where Cate first rode a horse that Lucy wouldn't even pet the horses?  Well up until December 2013 it was painful to even get Lucy in the barn.  At Cate's Horse Riding birthday party, Lucy finally pet a horse but was not going to sit on one, even for a pictures.  After that she was more comfortable in the barn and as the lessons went past she started to question the process more and more.  Then suddenly this past March, she decided that maybe she would take a riding lesson if she could ride a tiny horse.  Luckily for us there is one miniature horse at our barn that can be ridden and the center was willing to add a sibling riding lesson onto Cate's therapeutic lesson.  So in March, Lucy started joining Cate in lesson riding a mini called "Prince Charles".  From the first time she was brave enough to get on she loved it just as much as Cate.

In July she graduated to a regular horse and the girls have been talking lessons together ever since.

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