Friday, January 27, 2012

20 Sight Words!!!

A little brag - Cate hit 20 sight words this week!!  She actually has more than that but these are 20 of the 50 required kindergarten words that she has to be able to say from flash card in under 2 minutes.  We are on our way!!  The teacher has been sending home 6 words per week (we are on week 3) then testing those 6 each Friday. We have been working on the 6 new ones separately for two days then I add them to the previous weeks words to make growing stack.  (i know 6 x 3 is 18 - i added two she already knew and that I could use to make sentences)
Check it out!

(this was about the 4th time she done it that night hence the "I don't want to do it again" comment)
Cool Huh???


  1. SHE IS AWESOME!! I love how she puts her hands up for "Ten" as well. Her concentration and pronunciation is fabulous.

  2. That is SO awesome! Way to go Cate! I love her pronounciation too - I love it!!

  3. Tried to leave a comment this morning, but my tablet was acting weird...

    That's AWESOME!!! Great job, Cate! Loved, loved, loved the video - she is soooo sweet!

  4. Wow, she did great. Good job, Cate! I love seeing this, because it gives me more confidence for when Kamdyn gets there.