Monday, January 30, 2012

A simple day at the park

Did you ever notice that sometimes the most fun a family can have is when you don't plan anything to do at all?  We have a family pass to the zoo and now one to the children's museum, and probably a hundred other options of things to do on the weekends.  Yesterday when I asked Ric what was in the plans for the day, his only thought was to get outside.  It was a beautiful day - sun shining, no clouds, about 60 degrees - true cozy sweatshirt weather.  So at lunch time we went to our favorite deli to eat then headed to the park.  This little local park is our kids favorite because they have an excellent playground.  It has lots of swings and the main structure is 3 levels with two twisty slides coming down from the top level in addition to lots of climbing options and a good size grass area.  Yesterday after we did an hour on the playground itself, Cate went to meet a couple of dogs that had arrived to run in the grass.  My husband called dogs "her magnet", because as soon as she see them she drops everything to see if she can "go ask" - which means she wants to ask the owner if she can pet the dog.  The owner was great and Cate got to spend some quality dog time and even Lucy got into the petting.  After the dogs wandered off, some twirling and running in the grass started.  That morphed into a game of freeze tag and red light/green light.  I realized I'd never played tag with my girls.  Sure we had chased and tickled but never an "organized" type game of tag.  It was so much fun they did not want to stop.  Fortunately for the panting mom & dad another little girl had sidewalk chalk and offered to share!  Wish I'd take a picture of the awesome way Cate wrote her name on the sidewalk.
Isn't it the best when your day of 'nothing to do' turns into something wonderful??

Lucy's favorite thing in world is to swing  - she will do it for an hour if Cate doesn't call her away or your arm doesn't give out

sidewalk chalk

this is a picture from last summer when Cate did the slide for the first time by herself

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  1. oh my!!! we have so much in common! I too have a daughter with DS and 2 of her brothers had foog allergies!!! My blog is your girls are gorgeous!!!