Monday, January 9, 2012

A day at the Children's Museum

My kids love our Children's Museum but being a mean mommy, they haven't been in over a year.  During the week we let them earn chips by cooperating with Ric when they are getting ready in the morning.  On weekends they get to trade in their chips for reward activities like going to the zoo, the pet store, or the aquarium.  They've accumulated a lot of chips over the holidays since we haven't had time to do any family activities, so this weekend we let them trade their chips in for a trip to the Children's Museum.  The special exhibit was fairy tale stories and Belle from Beauty & the Beast was going to make an appearance.  The good news is that they had a fabulous time and we spent almost 3 hours there.  They had lots of dress up clothes and a pretend castle complete with a carriage.  The bed news is Cate didn't want to get anywhere near Belle.  She was OK with watching her from afar but the minute Belle waved or got close, Cate started shaking her head no.  The reason this is bad news - we are planning a day trip to Disney when we take spring break in Florida.  I guess its a good thing that we weren't able to get that reservation for the princess dinner!  She does fine with Santa but I can't say she's had the opportunity to be around any other characters in a couple years.  Anyone have any ideas on how to keep your kids from being afraid of adults in costume?
riding in the Cinderella carriage - the little circle window was a video screen so it look like it was moving

Cate serving the tarts

Lucy wants the whole turkey!

playing Belle's piano

checking out the view from the castle balcony

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