Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Funny Things kids say

My kids make me laugh frequently.   A lot of those times its because they says something incredible grown up for their age but sometimes its just plain funny.

Quotes from yesterday:
Cate after school - ParaPro says "see you tomorrow Cate", Cate responses "I'm not coming back tomorrow pumpernickel"  - pumpernickel started out as a silly word we used to break her out of a stubborn streak, now I think its becoming well know at her school as her pet name for people.

Lucy in the car on the way to swimming - "Mommy is the water warm enough for me to swim today?" - she is asking because I only took Cate the week before because her teacher cancelled class for lower than normal pool temps.  How does she remember that one time occurrence a whole week earlier and the explanation I gave her one time??

Cate in the car - "Lucy I love", Lucy "AWWWW, mommy Cate loves me", Lucy "Mommy I'm going to share my pretzels with Cate because sharing is good", Cate chopping away on the new acquisition because she'd finished her pretzels.

Cate in the car - "Lucy I love you, give me that book" - didn't work this time

When I'm getting ready to help Cate with homework I set Lucy up with coloring supplies.  I've been trying to get them to put the caps back on markers so I ask Lucy - "And what do you need to remember about markers", her response - "Don't stick them up your nose" - good advice, of course it steams from what she did the day before as evidenced by the one nostril that still shows signs of being blue

Cate - "I love my family to the sun and back and to the zoo" - this is high praise from her because the zoo is her favorite place.  We have heard "love you to the sun and back and to the zoo" before but it tickles me every time.

random sweet picture from this summer

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