Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ear Tubes - Success!!

Everything went great today with Cate's ear tube surgery.  I think the hardest part was not letting her eat since the surgery wasn't until 11:15 am.  Dr. G ended up replacing both ear tubes because the right was was starting to work its way out.  Unfortunately it looks like the problem with this set was that her body was rejecting the new type of tube they used in June.  Hopefully that is not a new trend and this new set which is as different kind will stay in for at least a year (the life on this type should be 3 years - I'll live with one at this point).  And there was no sight of the adenoids growing back - YAY!  Cate was amazing.  She played so well during the long wait (2 hour prior arrival time but surgery went right on time), fussed a little but she took the pre-surgery pain meds in one gulp, and had no problem letting the nurses wheel her way.  Normally we put her gown on after they do the meds but this time they were waiting and just took her in clothes.  She was gone less than 25 minutes total, they said she was asking questions and not at all nervous the whole time she was awake before and after.  She came back to me awake & pretty darn happy.  Then she explained exactly what had happened, drank her juice was was release 20 minutes later.  We were having a girls lunch by 1:00 and she ate every bite in between her chattering.  Thanks for all the good wishes  they worked!
about 5 minutes back from recovery and already smiling!

explaining that her IV is a straw in her arm to help her

a demonstration of how the doctor did "poof poof"

already in a silly mood before she'd even eaten

ate every bite of her lunch and part of mine! 

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  1. So glad it went so well!!! Love these happy, happy photos! :-)