Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ear Plugs

If you haven't been in the ear tube circuit for a while you probably haven't gotten the word that kids with ear tubes don't have to wear ear plugs to go swimming as long as they are not diving or going underwater more than a foot.  This of course isn't the case when you just had the surgery less than a week ago.  I am very thankful I don't have to have the ear plug fight every week because here is how it went last night at aqua therapy:
Before swimming -
Me:  Cate you have to wear ear plugs because you just got new tubes
Cate:  But I don't want to, they will hurt
Me:  Cate ear plugs don't hurt, feel them they are soft
Cate:  Nope they will hurt
Me:  You can't go swimming without them this week, do you want to leave?
Cate:  OK (followed by whining while I put in the plugs)

5 minutes into class -
Therapist:  Lisa, Cate's plugs are out do you want to put in new ones?
Me:  Nope, I give up just don't let her go under much.

After swimming -
Me:  Cate you can't take your ear plugs out during swimming, next time I'm going to make you get out of the pool (idle threat of course)
Cate:  Mommy I can't wear ear plugs because I don't like them.
Me:  Cate you have to, the doctor said so
Cate:  No I don't mommy, I put them down the drain so I can't wear them anymore - Sorry, Too Late (and of course she did)
Me:  (trying very hard not to laugh)  Cate that is NOT OK.

Imagine this face making an appearance in this converstation (this pictures is from over the summer but she pulls it out when needed)

She wins - I give up.

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