Monday, February 13, 2012

First Swim Practice!!!

Sorry for the late posting - I'm not in the habit on the weekends yet!
Friday afternoon was Cate's first Swim Team practice and it went great!!!!  Cate was so excited - she keep saying "I'm going to swim team like all the big kids".  She got ready in record time and off she ran.  The head coach is actually one of Cate's favorite former therapists.  There are about 12 kids on the team that practices in our time slot.  Four of those are in Cate's age & ability range, one is also a friend from ST.  In addition to the head coach there were 4 other coaches, so the kids got a lot of one on one time.  She was a little shy in the warm up circle and Coach J had to introduce her since she was so quiet saying her name but the smile never left her face.  She tried hard to do the stretches and was ready to go when they did lane assignments.  She actually listened really well and stayed in her lane with her group much to my amazement .  I almost cried at how big she looked in her new goggles in that big pool with lanes.  My guess is they did about 10 laps (she used a tiny bit of flotation help) some front crawl and some on her back.  Cate had so much fun she didn't want to get out of the pool.  And the proud look on her face when she told her daddy about it was priceless - wish I had a picture of that!
"I want to go first"

"Did everyone see that awesome jump?"

and back she comes!

High-Five from a coach

Waiting for her next turn and dreaming of being a future Olympian I hope!!

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