Monday, February 20, 2012

Gator Alley

Unfortunately we brought some cold wind down with us to the Space Coast.  The girls were able to go swimming yesterday but today its only 62 degrees so no swimming.  We decided to take a drive out to alligator alley to see if we could spot anything interesting.   The first five minutes of driving on this tiny little dirt path through the marsh had us wondering if we'd see more than a duck.  Then daddy spotted the first little alligator hanging out in the water.  After that it was one sighting after another!! I think we saw like 8 different alligators of all different sizes.   There were lots of water birds including a huge heron. We also so about 200 ducks floating in a group which was pretty neat.  Grandpa remembered the binoculars and Cate was fascinated by them. 

They were self focusing so she was actually able to use them  - or at least she said she could see stuff!!!  Lucy napped through the bulk of the ride but awoke right at the end to use this guy -

We also took a golf cart ride on the nature trail and hit the jackpot with a herd flock gaggle bunch of wild turkeys and three huge turtles.  Cate is definitely a nature girl - she was as happy with our adventures today as she was swimming yesterday.  (And yesterday she was impressing all the neighbors with her awesome swimming!!! It is crazy how much stroke progress she has made after only 2 swim practices!!)

Fingers crossed for a successfully & wonder filled first visit for the girls to Disney tomorrow!

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