Monday, February 6, 2012


I am really inconsistent when it comes to making my kids to chores - granted they are only 6 and 2.5 (ok almost 3 - I'm just not quite ready to admit it) so I don't think its too late to change my behavior.  I don't know how many parents of kids this young think about assigned chores.  I, on the other hand, have major guilt because I don't consistently make my kids do things because every time we have an evaluation with a therapist or doctor, one of the questions is "what chores does Cate do around the house?".  The insinuation to me of course being that she should have regular chores.  Partly I'm inconsistent because its still so much easier to do things myself instead of make the girls to them.  I know that excuse is not a good one - they need to learn good habits and have age appropriate responsibilities.  The other part of the reason is the opposite, my girls almost always bug me to "help" especially when I'm in the kitchen.  So I give whatever little job is on hand to keep them happy,  though as I write this I'm realizing it much more Lucy than Cate these days - I think Cate might have wised up to the fact I don't give out any "fun" jobs.  
My goal now is to figure out what they should do and make them do it regardless of how much more time it takes.  I know one of these jobs should be cleaning up the toys they play in the living room before bedtime.  They both frequently help me set the table - I'm even getting brave enough to let them both carry the "real" plates and glasses, so that is a good candidate.  Also another good habit would be making them pick up their own rooms on some predetermined schedule.  The problem with all three of these options is that they all require better time management on my part.  I never ask them to clean up their toys until we should have already started the bedtime process, on the days they don't ask to help me in the kitchen I don't even thing about setting the table until the food is already starting to get cold, and bedtime is a rush for me so cleaning up their room is normally something I do while they are watching their wind-down episode of Curious George. 

Here is one real possibility for Cate - I was in a rush yesterday to get ready for the Super Bowl party and she helped me empty the silverware bin in the dishwasher.  She did a great job with no help from me - that's a job I'd never thought of before.
I'm going to try to be better about time management and consistency but maybe like the dishwasher there are better chores she could be doing that are less time sensitive.  I'm looking for good ideas - what chores do your little ones do consistently?

(she is standing on a step stool)

she really was concentrating on this task

she was so proud of herself!!  She told me she was sorting into groups.

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  1. GREAT post!!! Love this. There are a few things I let Samantha do...I've recently had her help me feed the cats (she can empty the bowls of the old stuff, then put in some dry food - I still have to dole out the wet food that gets mixed in, but I'm so proud that she can do the rest!). She's great about cleaning up when asked (uh, *usually*), and is a bit of a neat freak. She also loves to start getting the table ready to eat, with the placemat and napkins. We don't eat together much, so she can only just set it for herself most of the time. She likes to help dust (actually, she's much, much better and more consistent about it than we are). But you've got a great point, that it's definitely *time* to start assigning those chores, regardless of how much easier or time-efficient it is for us to do it ourselves.