Friday, February 10, 2012

All I want for Valentines Day is my two front teeth

So it finally happened, the moment I'd been dreading - the loss of the second front tooth.  Cate lost her bottom teeth last May and the big teeth showed up soon after that.  The first top front tooth fell out way back on October 14th and there is still no sign of the new tooth except this tiny hard ridge.  The second front tooth was wiggly for months and I keep hoping it would hang on until the first one decided to appear.  No such luck - it fell out on Wednesday morning.  So now Cate has a huge gaping hole in her smile - I admit it is super cute but I'm worried it will impact her speech.  At least this time I can already see the tip of the new tooth so maybe it won't be years before she has big teeth up there!  She is excited because the tooth fairy came and brought her a gold dollar coin (otherwise know as treasure) and a new spinning toothbrush you can decorate with stickers (we do one per night).   She keeps her gold dollars in a special glass piggy bank that a friend of my mothers gave her so she can see them. 
I wasn't home on Thursday morning when she woke up so I made her recreate the piggy bank deposit and got some pictures.


  1. Okay - I'm getting some excellent Tooth Fairy ideas from you here... I'm just not that creative when it comes to that kind of stuff, and I'm also a horrible procrastinator and don't get stuff like that prepared ahead of time. :-( Sammi lost her bottom front two last summer, and they grew back really quickly. She now has a wiggly one next to those on the bottom, but so far the top two are still pretty solid. Of course, now I'm going to go home and re-check that... Love these pics, love the ideas!!

  2. Btw, Lisa, are you guys going to be at the NDSC conference next summer (in DC)?

    1. No - we haven't done any of the conferences yet. I do our local stuff but nothing big yet.