Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

I am not a very crafy person.  But since I'm so proud of Cate's progress in writing, I love to show it off to the grandparents.  So this weekend Cate and Lucy made Valentine's Day Card for their granparents.  Cate wrote "Happy  Valentine's Day, Love Cate" inside as I dictated the letters to her then I added Lucy's name.  They decorated the cards with lots (and lots and lots) of heart stickers.  They did their work on time - mommy on the other hand might not have gotten them in the mail until Monday :-(

pretty good huh!!!

our craft set up - old wipes boxes make excellent crayon storage!

In Music Therapy on Saturday, Ms M did a spelling song with Cate for Valentine's day.  She sang 3 letter of the word then Cate repeated.  On Sunday in the car, Cate starting singing it and trying to get Lucy to repeat it - I was so proud of her for remembering!  I grab it on tape as soon as we got home - Check this out Ms M!

by the way - you won't be able to see this video on an email version - please go to the blog link to view it.

Happy Valentines Day from Cate & Lucy

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  1. So, so, adorable! Great job, Cate, both on the writing and the song!!!!