Monday, February 27, 2012

Quotes of the month

** sorry still no vacation pictures, I forgot to put them on my memory stick so they are still in FL on my mom's computer/camera. I'll get up a Disney post as soon as she emails them to me. Until then here is the post that should have gone up while I was on vacation but I didn't set it up right.

Some memorable quotes from my kids from the last couple weeks:

Cate - "Mommy can I have more meat?"
Mommy - "You've already had three helpings I think that is enough"
<< 10 second pause>>
Cate - "Mommy you focus on eating your dinner"  "Daddy can you get me some more meat"

Cate & Lucy fighting over which CD to listen to in the car:
Mommy - "If you girls don't stop fighting I'll turn the radio off"
Cate - "Mommy that is not one of your options" 

Cate (at dinner out of the blue) - "Lucy is in charge"
Mommy - "No, daddy is in charge"
Lucy - "Daddy is pudding, Mommy is macaroni and cheese, Lucy is in charge"
(I assume Cate is getting the "in charge" from school but how does Lucy know what it is or does she think its food?)

Cate (in the car a week+ after the tooth fairy came) - "My tooth fell out"
Lucy - "Let me see, let me see"
Cate (both hands over her mouth) "Nope"
Lucy - "I'll be your friend again"
Cate - "OK - look"
Lucy - "Cate that's COOL"

We were in the car talking about the number of days until vacation:
Cate - "I have a plan, lets pick up Lucy then go see Uncle Lane now"
Mommy - "We can't Cate, it will take all day to drive there"
Cate - "Mommy we should fly in an airplane.  Airplanes are fast"
Mommy - "Very smart Cate, airplanes are much faster, but it costs a lot of money to fly and we will need our car there."
Cate - "I'll buy the airplane tickets, I have lots of dollars"  (how sweet is that???)

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  1. oh, these are darling! We have a book that I keep all our kids' funny sayings in...they just asked me last night "can we get out The Book?" I bet your kids could fill up ten of them, they are so cute :)