Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Pictures

Not much to say here that you can't see for yourself!  The girls has a great Easter - they loved Sunday School as usual, looked adorable in their dresses, had lots of fun on their egg hunt and loved having their family over for dinner.

Cate has once again become our go to person for saying grace.  Before dinner she insisted everyone hold hand while she thanked everyone for coming, thanked them for bringing food, said thanks for her family that she loves including her sister Lucy, and then did a shout out saying "and my daddy who is the best daddy in the world", Amen.

Easter 2012 - My beautiful girls

hunting for eggs on a beautiful day

found one basket!

found the other basket - guess our easter bunny must be from the north because no one down south seems to hide the baskets along with the eggs!

oh my an extra basket for both girls - this is Cate doing a happy dance not trying to reach it, she recognized the prize right away

She LOVES this Barbie Mermaid movie - OK egg hunt over turn the movie on please!

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