Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nervous Mommy

I feel like today is the first day of school for Cate all over again.  Today she is doing a day camp at the zoo.  Since the zoo is her favorite place and she always says she wants to be a zookeeper, I just so want her to love it.  But I know I'm nervous because I don't know the counselor and all the kids will be strangers to her.  I talked to the program director before I signed her up and they seem great.  He is going to assign her a "volunteen" to give her any extra assistance she needs - like to direct her back to the group when she wants to see pandas and the rest of the group is heading for tigers.  I also sent him a copy of Cate's "All About Me" packet I made for her current teachers.  Probably overkill for one day I realize but I have not having any control!!  Depending on the # of kids that signed up, her group will either be 10 kindergartners or a mix of kindy & 1st graders.  The counselors have to have two years minimum or higher eduction and experience as a group leader so that helps me feel a little more secure.  The theme today is "what animals eat" which is Cate's favorite topic.  I hope she raises her hand and participates in the discussions since I know she is comfortable with the subject.  They explore the zoo including some "special" sites not available to public, do crafts, songs, and play.  I even bought her a new outfit with a cool panda t-shirt (sorry she wasn't dressed when I left for work so I'll try to get a picture at pickup).

Ric is dropping her off this morning so I'll get to pick her up this afternoon since its a full day camp.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed she has a great day!!!  I'll report back tomorrow if she'll tell me anything that is!
I did the only thing I could to help her today, packed her a good lunch of rotisserie chicken, cheese, oranges, green beans (I know that sounds funny but I'll bet she eats these first), goldfish & oreos with some chocolate milk.

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