Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoo Camp!

Well I was worried for nothing!!  Cate did great a the zoo day camp yesterday.  Her counselor said she did awesome and really didn't need to have a helper.  She said that Cate kept up great, participated, and even told the group about whales!  I love it that they let her talk about whales even though there are not at the zoo of course.   The zoo did a great job - drop off & pick up were smooth, Cate came home with all her lunchbox and other stuff, and they even sent an update of their topics for discussion starting at home.  She ate almost every bit of her lunch - only a couple pieces of cheese and the paper cups were left. 
Unfortunately this is the only picture of Cate at zoo camp and it was starting to rain so I couldn't even get out of the car to take it with my phone -

I wish I had a better picture because she looked so cute in the new outfit I bought her - a panda shirt & black skort.

It was a very long exciting day so I didn't get too much our of her - our girl was pretty grouch by the time we got home.  She did say her favorite part was petting the rabbit named "Pumpernickel"!!! (his real name I swear - if you know Cate you've heard her say pumpernickel before since its her favorite "silly" word - she even calls her teachers that sometimes at school!).  She told me they couldn't hold the rabbit but got to pet it with two gentle fingers.  She also said they touched a lizard and it was bumpy and soft.  Not so sure about the softness but I'm sure it was bumpy - the update note from the zoo director said it was a bearded dragon, whatever that is! Most of that I had to drag out of her in the car using the info from the update email.  Then 10 minutes from the zoo (the drive is about 30 minutes without rush hour traffic) it got really quiet in the back seat -

Guess she was tired out to sleep like that for the next 45 minutes (we hit a dead stop traffic disaster which doubled our trip home).

When she woke up from that bizarre nap, our girl was GROUCHY.  She didn't even want to call grandma or her daddy who was out watching the Sabres game to tell them about the zoo.  I did get some more out of her at bath time.  She said they saw lots of animals and that the lions were roaring and walking around (a rare occurrence for us to see).  She got to see the baby panda and the baby giraffe.  She also said she saw one of her teachers, who volunteers at the zoo.  Mostly we know she loved it because this morning she asked if she could go back to zoo camp today!  I think we'd better sign her up for a summer session.

Poor Lucy on the other hand got to go to the doctor for her 3 year well baby visit.  All is well and no shots this time so that was excellent.  She did great and was even giggly until they tried to take her blood pressure - she refused to sit still so that test will just have to wait until next year.  But she did pretty well for the toe prick so I decided she more that deserved the treat of lunch with mommy at McDonald's!

Needless to say - I am thankful for a great day for both girls, even if it is for different reasons!
Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

*** update - I just got them email from the zoo camp director:
Hi Lisa,
I spoke to Meredith yesterday and she said Cate was wonderful. Only once did she need some alone time and that was during arts and crafts. It wasn’t behavioral or anything she just wasn’t too interested in the craft we were doing. Meredith took her into another room and Cate gave her a keeper talk about all kinds of animals! I walked in and was amazed at how much she knew. Meredith said although she didn’t necessarily need the extra helper, that it was nice to have just in case Cate got super interested in something. Then Meredith would stay with her while Dana the volunteen had the rest of the group.
I hope she enjoyed camp as much as we enjoyed having her here. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for letting Cate spend the day with us.

LOVE IT!!!  My girl is so awesome!!!

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