Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cate's Cricket Delivery Service

We had a wonderful weekend away at a friend's cabin this weekend.  They have a son that is a year older than Lucy and the kids played together so well.  The highlight for Cate by far though was fishing.  We did two trips out to catch the little (and one big - go Courtney!) fish in the huge lake.  Cate has done this before and had no fear of touching live fish or holding the ones ready for cleaning.
Cate 2010 trip to the cabin - proud of her fish!
 This time she added to her lack of fear and became Cate's Cricket Delivery Service.  She'd reach right into that live cricket keeper, pull one out and deliver it to the fisherman in need.  Of course quite a few made their last ditch effort at escape only to find themselves in the lake.   She loved having a job as much as she loved helping them reel in a fish that was caught or netting one while someone else reeled. 
who needs a cricket

Too little so Cate releases this one back to the lake

Fisherman Cate & daddy

David, Lucy & Ric

Who says Cate won't get a driver's license - looks like a natural to me!

Captain Lucy

Captain David

David & Lucy having fun together

we called these three a "school of kids" because they moved as a pack from the front to the back of the boat - we were all amazed that none of them ended up in the lake

family fun!

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