Thursday, March 29, 2012

Field Trip Success!!!

Cate had her second successful kindergarten field trip.  Yesterday they went to the zoo - which of course is one of Cate's absolute favorite place.  Of course that made me worry more since she is so comfortable that she'd just wander off.  But our favorite Ms. L was there to keep an eye on her and said she did great.  She got All GREENS for behavior on her trip - YEAH!!!  She said she held hands and stayed with group.  She also demonstrated for Ms. L how she was going to sound when she grows up to a zookeeper.  Bet she actually does it someday.  Cate even learned some new things because that evening she was playing with a stuffed elephant and told daddy it was a "calf".  Since I'd totally forgotten that baby elephants are called calves I'm guessing she learned that on the field trip.

Sorry no pictures from the field trip but here are a couple from our family trip to the zoo last weekend -

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  1. Oh, that's fantastic!! I just love being surprised when Sammi informs us so matter-of-fact something new she's learned. :-) Glad the trip went so well!