Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Room to Play

I am so lucky to have a father can can do amazing thing!  Two years ago he took a little hill next to our pool and build it into an area big enough for a play set that Cate's Aunt Debbie & Uncle Kevin handed down to her.
She loved it from the first time she got to play on it:
picture taken of play set last week (that yellow stuff on slide is actually pollen - lots of sneezing going on here)

flash back to first time Cate played on play set - July 2010

How cute it that?  She has grown up so much in two years.
So a couple months ago Ric & I decided that the girls need more room to play.  We have some wooded space on a hill behind where the play set sits now.  After getting a couple quotes we took the leap and got the big pine trees and little scrub trees taken down and made into mulch.  And let me tell you those pines were huge - more than twice the size of the house and one of them I doubt two of us could have gotten our arms around.  But those guys climbed that monster and cut it down piece by piece.  The difference is amazing.  So once that wonderful grandpa gets back from Florida in a couple weeks hopefully the move of the play set to this great new space will commence.  I can't wait!  Our neighborhood is beautiful but very hilly with no cul-de-sac and not really conducive to kids running around it.  My dream is for the day when I can say "go outside and play" and the girls can (and want to) safely play without minimal supervision in our backyard.
future play set home with actual room to play!!!  Wouldn't a playhouse be great up at the top of that hill - hint hint grandpa.

they even saved the azaleas which are probably as old as the house (~40 years)!

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