Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quotes of the Month

The best one started a while ago and now one that happens about every day -
Ms L (Cate's para-pro at school) at car pool for pick up: Good day today Cate, see you tomorrow
Cate: I'm not coming back
Ms L: Me neither (although the first couple times she said - of course you are)

In the car -
Lucy: Mommy am I am woman?
Me: No Lucy you are a girl still.
Cate: Mommy I'll be a woman when I can drink coffee, right? (even an odder thing to say since I never drink coffee)

Lucy: Mommy you aren't pretty, I love you. (mmm was this a sympathy I love you or does she not understand pretty is a good thing?)

Mommy: Cate how was school today?
Cate: Good, I got all greens!
Mommy: Yeah Cate, can I check your sheet?
Cate: Nope don't check mommy. (she of course did not get all greens - this is a frequent conversation these days!)

Girls in the car talking about the zoo trip last weekend -
Mommy: Cate, what do panda's eat?
Both girls: Bamboo
Mommy: What do elephants eat?
Cate: Leaves & fruit
Mommy: What do lions eat?
Cate: Kids

At dinner -
Cate: Everyone listen .....(silence)
Cate: Why is everybody looking at me?
Me & Ric: (silence), then laughter
After the laughter that ensued this is now a favorite comment at our dinner table by both girls looking to be funny.

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  1. I love hearing about the adorable, funny things kids say! Your girls are hilarious!!