Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kindergarten Math?

I am constantly surprised by the learning standards in kindergarten. Of course when I was in kindergarten 100 years ago the main subjects were recess, story time, nap time and snack. I couldn't believe it when I found out Cate would have to be able to read 50 sight words by flashcards in under 2 minutes by the end of the year now but she will be able to do it (she has 42 down pat & is working on 6 new ones - I promise a new video as soon as we hit 50!).
Cate's teacher gives the class homework each night Monday - Thursday. They are usually a single page worksheet that focus on writing or math concepts.  As expecting her class had been doing beginning math concepts like patterns, shapes, counting and coins. This assignment caught me off guard though -

ADDITION - really??  She did this assignment pretty much on her own.  She wrote all the numbers with no help.  The first two she got without even a pause.  She got the third one after a little thought and the last one after I talked to her about the problem.  As I've said before - Cate will learn what you teach her and her Kindergarten teachers are awesome!!!

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