Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lucy's gift list

I made a typical second child gets forgotten move recently.  Lucy is turning 3 this weekend and we are actually having a birthday party for her.  She had a little family dinner last year but we've never invited any of her friends.  Come to think of it she's never even had a play date that was only for her.  So this year we invited all the kids in her preschool class and the family friends in her age group for a tumbling party at a local gymnastics studio.  I was anticipating she would want a princess or Rapunzel party but surprisingly she asked for Toy Story - Toy Story 2 to be exact.  I planned the party, sent the invites, got the favors and decided on an allergy free mini vanilla cupcake recipe from a blog called Living the Allergic Life.   Hopefully the cupcakes will be prettier than last year's strawberry cake - which tasted good but looked horrible:
Lucy's birthday cake - 2010

What I forgot was to buy Lucy a birthday present - never even thought about it before Monday.   I had some shopping time yesterday, so Tuesday in the car I asked Lucy what present she wanted for her birthday.  Here was her response:
Cinderella Playdoh, a Surfboard, a kite, and a Belle pillow.
OK - one of those things I can do, I'm sure they have kites somewhere although I didn't see them at Target yesterday.  Cinderella Playdoh and a Belle pillow - not even sure they make those.  And the best one A SURFBOARD - do 2 year-olds ask for this stuff?  I told her that she couldn't have a surfboard because we didn't live near the ocean, she said she'd just use it in the pool this summer.
I settled on a regular old playdoh factory thing where you make "cakes" (which she will probably eat knowing her history) and a couple Toy Story poseable dolls.  Not very exciting but hopefully she will accept them given the excitement of having a party.  Cate got her a princess bedtime stories book, which is a perfect gift since Lucy steals hers every night.
Poor youngest child - I'm pretty sure I had presents for Cate ordered from cute shops a month before her birthday at that age.
Lucy's 2nd birthday - poor thing I didn't even wash the chili off her face for pictures!

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