Monday, August 20, 2012

A photo shoot of Cate

A couple weeks ago Cate did a photo shoot to be included in a gallary of special kids for a charity event.  The pictures were all taken by Nina Sheilds and I think they are excellent!


  1. Adorable pictures! Cate is beautiful and growing up so fast!

  2. Corrigan Care thanks you for sharing Cate with us! She is such a beautiful girl!

  3. Oh, totally, totally adorable! How could photos not be perfect with such a perfect subject? :-) How's 1st grade going? We start next Monday...

    1. As much as I am terrified to jinx it - First Grade is going great!! We had a great first week +, she did well on her first spelling test and got greens all last week for behavior. She did get a little yellow yesterday but the excellent teacher recognized this as her boundry testing behavior. Thanks! We love the pictures too.

  4. Cate was a total joy to photograph and I look forward to taking more photos of her; she is not only precious but oozes personality!!!