Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Ric

Happy Birthday to a daddy who is more loved then any person on earth by these two little girls.  Cate completely believes her daddy hung the moon and both girls come running the minute he gets home for their hugs.   Happy Birthday to an awesome husband and a superhero father.

He is:

.. a takes his daughter fishing daddy. (2010)

.. a teaches his girls to be silly daddy. (Oct 2011)

... a master pinta helper daddy. (Dec 2011)

.. the one who helps ward off the first day jitters. (Aug 2012)

..a  teaches her to ride a bike daddy. (May 2012)

..  a plays the part of the willing "soup" customer daddy. (June 2012)

.. a slow dances and
twirls with his girls daddy.  (June 2012)
..  a gives horsey rides even when they are too big daddy. (Oct 2011)

.. the absolute best couch cuddler daddy. 
.. a gets down in the sand to play daddy. (July 2011)

.. makes his girls fly daddy.  (July 2011)

..  always has open arms and

will catch you daddy. 

.. inspires kisses daddy.
.. the daddy we love to the sun and back.
.. simply one of the best people I know.

 Happy Birthday Ric!

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  1. Hi there - thanks for visiting us at "the ordinary life of an extraordinary girl", and good luck to you as you enter the "system" - if you don't mind a bit of advice :) only you know what Cate can do, if the teacher is modifying already she has not taken the time to learn about Cate - only her diagnosis. Let Cate try, you will know when she gets frustrated...sorry if I am out of line.