Friday, August 31, 2012

A small town evening

One of the things I love best about our town is the events like the 4th of July parade that show just how small town this sprawling metro community is at heart.  People stand up for the flag or veterans and wave at neighbors even though they have never met.  Another perfect example of this is the summer concert series.  The last Friday of each month during the summer there is a free concert on our town square.  People lay down blankets, bring dinner, dance and listen to the music - no matter the heat index these concerts are always packed.  We have been taking Cate to these concerts since she was an infant.  She used to fall asleep on my dad's chest with the music blaring away.  When she was a toddler, she was a little afraid of the loud music but eventually she discovered the joy of the dance floor and would drag daddy out as soon as the band started.  I read quite a few blogs and lots of posts on a DS message board.  I read stories about the lady in the grocery store who told a mom of a toddler with DS she was so sorry and when the mom said no she is great the lady replied "no it really is sad".  I've read board messages from mom's afraid to go out because people stare at their children and make more stupid comments then I could ever list.  It makes me sad that there is a world out their that doesn't understand but it also makes me proud that my community seems to get it for the most part.  When we go to these concerts no one even notices us, except to smile at the cute little girls.  I've never felt like Cate was anything but welcome, accepted, and just like everyone else.  As we caravan in with our double stroller (more to carry stuff then kids these days), if Cate graces someone with a wave that person always smiles and waves back.  Dancers make way for her to twirl with her daddy and smile at her pure joy.  Maybe I'm naive but I don't see pity in the smiles from our community, I see appreciation of her extreme cuteness.  Too bad summer almost over - Cate is going to be sad on the day I tell her there isn't a concert this month.

PS - I took these shots with my phone, I didn't set up this photo shoot - the first picture they were just playing some game they made up together.  I only went over because I was envisioning Lucy taking a dive into to that fountain, after the splashing she was pretty wet but it was hot so she was dry by the time the concert actually started.

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