Monday, August 6, 2012

Thank God it is Monday

Not a normal post title for me at least because I love weekends especially in the summer. Lots of time outside, swimming, going out to eat - all the things I did not get to do this weekend. Even though I was able to escape for a Mothers Morning Out breakfast with my DS mom's group and a bit of unsuccessful shopping on Sat AM, I still was counting the hours until I got to leave for work this morning thats to our awesome babysitter and her mom which are not scared of germs.  Both girls are sick - and that is not a good combination. To give you a hit of my fun without grossing you out, I changed sheets between the two girls 6 times from Friday Night to Sunday Morning. The weirdest part of all this is that both girls are sick at the same time and they have been sick forever. Lucy started with a stomach virus 10 days ago. It is a weird periodic sickness - during the day she is fine except for an extra trip to the potty here and there. Then every couple nights she has an episode of one kind or another that results in me changing her sheets. Last night she had an urgent potty trip and threw up 3 times, but during the day yesterday she was perfectly happy with so much energy I couldn't even get her to take a nap. Cate started with a suspected viral cold on July 19th that has persisted through a trip to the pulmonologist, breathing treatments and steroids. It is also really weird because 85% of the time she is fine - her normal social, spunky self - then randomly she'll start coughing so hard a couple times it has made her throw up. Then of course she acquired the stomach virus symptoms on Saturday AM to add to her coughing battle. So basically we've been up with one of them every night for the last week and I'm about out of laundry detergent. I did take both girls to the doctor today and he confirms it is most likely your typical stomach virus that Lucy gave to Cate.

As for Cate's cough, it might be developing into something more in her chest so she gets to start antibiotics. Normally I would push back about antibiotics for something we can't diagnose and the fact it could make the stomach symptoms worse but at this point with Cate I'm desperate since school starts on Thursday. So cross your fingers for me that the antibiotic works and works quickly.
So given all of that we spent the weekend in the house, no trips to Target for school supplies, no eating out, no swimming.  Not fun at all and to add to that we've been on a bland diet.  Everything we ate all weekend was white or yellow - blahhhhh.  Monday seems like a good thing today since I haven't had to clean up any messes and got to eat a nice big roast beef sandwich with horseradish mayo & cheese - yummmm!!! 
The only good things about the weekend is the amount of laundry done I got done & put away and that I got my monster toy room closet renovation finished - (it only took two months):

The toys were very cooperative during their photo shoot and the printer gave up enough ink to make excellent stickers.  So far the girls are following the new rule of take it out, play, then return the box to the closet - we'll see how long that lasts. 

The girls and I did have some small sparks of fun.  We played a couple games (Cate is a champion matching game player) and did puzzles together for the first time in a while and Lucy even did one by herself - she was so proud, she made me come down from upstairs to see & take a picture.

And yes she is still her PJs at 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was a PJ kind of weekend.

I hope things will turn around soon and that I can stop cleaning the light switches and door knobs every 5 minutes!  It is a big week - Lucy's open house at pre-school is tonight (grandma is keeping the sickys) and she should start the 3s class tomorrow, Cate's open house is Weds morning and she should start 1st grade on Thursday.  I need these girls up to it so send us some good thoughts - PLEASE! 

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