Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of First Grade!!!

I know, I know - bad blogger to not keep a promise of pictures on Friday. 
Here you go!

We did our traditional front porch pictures - my parents made me do them all the way through high school!
Cate's new backpack!  I LOVE it!

daddy's girls

mommy has to tickle them to get those smiles!

Cate's school is awesome - it is an arts & music focused teaching school, for example when the kindergartners do their pre-math skills of learning patterns, in addition to doing worksheets where you have to fill in the next shape or color in the pattern, they might have a lesson in dance class where the pattern is clapping, stomping, and turning around, and a music lesson where they do patterns of loud & soft music notes.  It is an excellent environment for Cate as all kids to have multiple methods of learning a skill.  For the first day of school, the teachers & admin put on a "red carpet" extravaganza!  They actually had a red carpet from the drop off area to the door, the teachers dressed up like movie characters, and there was even a little stage with a film backdrop for all the paparazzi to take pictures.  It was so cute!  The teachers had warned us it would be a little chaotic so we had planned on walking Cate into her room that day.

red carpet entrance - Cate of course didn't care for the paparazzi

all she cared about was getting her hands on CoCo the Guinea pig!

Cate had a great first two days of the first grade. We lucked out and her new teacher, Ms. B, has a special needs background so she is not taking any of Cate's manipulative actions. When I sent an email to check on Cate the first day she told me that Cate had left the room to sit outside the door within minutes of us leaving so she gave her a stern lecture on not leaving the classroom, after that she was great in the classroom. Until the first couple transition to other rooms when she tried to tell the teacher she didn't feel good. Ms. B redirected her with some questions and eventually she stopped asking. Score major points for Ms. B - those are two of Cate's most effective manipulations! Normally she gets a new activity from leaving the room and gets a trip to the nurse for saying she doesn't feel well. A couple days of those not working and they should stop for the most part - of course she'll probably come up with something new to get out of activities she doesn't like! I don't envy any of Cate's teachers trying to figure out the manipulations from the true complaints, but they are good at it!
showing daddy the way to her new room
a little unsure in the new room with kids in it!

a big goodbye hug

sitting at her real desk!  wow this is big stuff

This is such a different start to the school year than last year when we had so much uncertainty and so many little behavior issues.  It really goes to show how much teacher and admin support can help when they have the right background and preparation.  Everyone is welcoming Cate with open arms and she responds accordingly.  Her teachers read her "all about me" packets and are doing everything they can to make sure she comfortable and performing her best. I hope with all my heart that this is our new normal start to a school year for Cate!  My big girl!  A first grader - I can't believe it.  I have no doubt she will do great this year - but the real question is how am I going to deal with spelling tests, math assignments and 250 sight words????

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  1. Ugh, math and spelling...the idea that Sammi's going to have to do that this year scares me witless!!

    Love these pics! We're in for the same in just a couple of weeks. Omg, 1st grade...where did our little girls go???

    And I love that her teacher knows how to not be manipulated by her. Sammi will do the same things, but as long as no one gives in to her, she'll get the picture soon enough. I was worried about the real desks in 1st grade, but she had a real desk over the summer in ESY, and I'm guessing everything went well. If she starts to mess around with it, I've been told they can turn it around so she won't have access to the stuff inside. I'm so nervous...