Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Pink Christmas Tree

If you read my previous post you know that I'm not able to put up my big Christmas tree and it is making me so sad.  Mostly because I can see sitting there naked and so I get reminded of this unfinished task every time I go past the room.  I hate unfinished tasks.  The other thing making me so sad is this flooring project is also keeping me from putting up my carolers.  I have a huge collection of Byers Choice Carolers and they are always the first thing I put up after Thanksgiving.  But not this year - the only place in my house big enough to hold them is the mantel which is currently in an empty room with no carpet which is waiting for the flooring to even arrive much less be "cured" and put down. 
At least I am ahead of the game on two fronts.  I got 1 of my 3 photo projects done before the sale was over, it was delivered and is beautiful.  I also got my Christmas photo shoot done and have the cards ordered as well.  Since they didn't make the card I'll post a couple shots of Cate decorating her pink Christmas tree.  I know years ago I would have laughed at a pink Christmas tree and thought "how tacky" but it is seriously cute in her room.  The girls love decorating their little trees and I try very hard to let them do it their own ways and not move too may ornaments after they finish - that restraint is much harder than is should be!

check out Cate in the mirror - she took this picture (it was my bribe to get her to pose but as you can see I set her in the middle of the bed for maximum safety for my camera)

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