Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Thanks #1

I see on Facebook all these people posting things they are thankful for everyday and I love the idea.  But I'm just not feeling the commitment after finishing the 31/21 challenge.  So as a compromise to myself, I'm going to do blog posts every Thursday in November about things I'm thankful for this year - I promise it won't just say CATE & LUCY every week either :-)!!!

The posts on Facebook also inspired me to again try to make the "what you are thankful for" discussion a normal dinner time habit in our house.  I do think it is valuable to remember how lucky we are and to make sure the girls realize the things Ric and I are thankful for every day.  Here is the recap of last nights discussion:

Lucy:  My toys (obviously our discussion from Monday night is still fresh in her mind!)
Cate:  Taking pictures of my family (not exactly sure where this is coming from but I'm pretty sure Santa is listening to the need to for a kid camera in that statement)
Lisa:  My awesome mother
Ric:  The right to vote

The others are pretty obvious but mine is much more than it sounds.  People frequently tell me how great I am doing with Cate.  Truthfully most of the time I am pretty sure its more that Cate is just awesome then anything I'm doing but I appreciate the acknowledgements.  The thing is without my mother, I would not be doing nearly so well.  My mother is one of the two bolts that hold my sanity together (the other being my husband whom I'm also thankful for but that is a blog for another day).  My mom is the listening board that allows me to bounce ideas off without making commitments while getting just the right amount of advice.  She has an amazing ability to say "I'm going to drop some soup off I just made" or "Why don't you come over for dinner I have too much" on those nights when I'm about to guiltily head to the McDonald's drive thru for the second time in a week.  She goes above and beyond the grandma responsibility so often - not just offering up babysitting for a date night or picking up the kids for me but actually reducing my stress by just being there so I know I can call her when I get overwhelmed.  Yesterday was the perfect example.  You might remember my post in August about Cate's trip to the DS clinic.  One of the things we try to do during that annual visit is to take Cate's blood so that the DS specialist pediatrician can review the results to make sure there are no thyroid issues.  This year it was a disaster.  Cate tried so hard to be brave, she keep talking about it with me and saying she could do it but when then prick actually came she lost it and had an accident plus they didn't get the vein.  It is now three months later and I haven't been able to make time to get a new blood draw.  Cate didn't have school yesterday and my mom not only offered to keep her the whole day but she took her to a Children's Healthcare Center to get the blood draw for me.  So even with a risk of personal wetness and an hour long wait she stepped up and handled it for me.  Cate was great and with the numbing cream they use at Children's she was more intrigued then scared.  Then after a fun day with Grandma, my mom even delivered Cate to her OT handwriting appointment which gave me an hour to go shopping.  Which means that I will not freeze in NYC this weekend because I now own a warm coat that was made in this decade and a couple cute sweaters. 
I know I'm an adult and when push comes to shove I can do it without her, because that is how she raised me - to be well organized, proactive, and strong - but I am so thankful that I have my mom to help me raise my girls, there is just nothing better.

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