Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Pics

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!
The girls had a great time this year.  Lucy woke up at 4:50 am to ask me if it was Halloween yet and then really didn't go back to sleep so I figured she wouldn't make it though the evening but she did.  Our neighborhood had a pizza party so the girls ran wild with the other neighborhood kids then packs of kids left and started trick or treating.  It was awesome to me - I love that nostalgic feeling of kids running from house and parents milling in the streets chatting.  I can remember my childhood Halloweens feeling just like that.  Cate and Lucy stayed with us for the most part given their aversion to packs of kids but they still ran to many of the houses.  We trick or treated our way home and both girls ended up with full pumpkin buckets.

It was pretty funny this year because Lucy is so aware of her milk allergy now, at the first couple houses when someone tried to put a chocolate candy in her bucket she yanked it back!  So I told her that I would trade her Lucy friendly candy for any of her chocolate candy.  For the next two houses, she allowed it to go into her bucket then promptly took it out and handed it to me.  Always the literal child, I had to amended my promise to "any chocolate candy in your bucket when we get home".  As soon as we got home she was holding me to my promise and sorting her candy!

the camera battery died after Ric took these shots so no trick or treat pics this year

my adorable panda and beautiful cowgirl

Cate was loving the lasso that grandpa made her

can you see the thought "wonder if I can lasso a panda" in Cate's expression?

she probably should have lasso'd this kissing panda!

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